Banshee Manor in Fayetteville. $10 per soul

Dates and Times

October  20th, 21st and 22nd

October 27th. 28th and 29th

October 31st

Hours 7-11:00pm

The Legend of Banshee Manor

 The McCraulic Clan is notorious for being ruthless, barbaric and pure evil. Rarely would anyone enter the manor’s walls without being brutalized, tortured or murdered, often for sport more than for punishment of perceived crimes.  The Banshee’s constant screams and cries often shattered the silence of the night foretelling of yet another death and as she mournfully shepherded the poor soul to the other side. The Banshee grew weary of the McCraulics’ and their evil ways and all the death. Oh, so much death.  The Banshee decided to punish the McCraulic’s and tortured them with her constant keening, driving them mad. And as her final punishment, she no longer led their souls to their final resting place, instead, imprisoning them with their victims inside.    

Can you survive Banshee Manor, 

the only Haunted House in Fayetteville, Arkansas?